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  • John Joseph (JJ) Coughlin

    J.J. Coughlin started Corporate Security Solutions – Texas (CSS-T) several years ago to service corporate entities in the private sector. Prior to fully focusing on CSS-T, JJ spent over eight years as a VP of Services for a full service Transportation/Logistics Security entity which provided covert GPS tracking technology where he specialized in the risk analysis, investigations along with providing the response/recovery capabilities for the service platform. He also served as the Director of the Supply Chain - Information Sharing and Analysis Center (SC-ISAC) and supervised the collection, analysis and dissemination of cargo theft/crime data and intelligence.   

    Prior to that, J.J. spent ten years in the Transportation Industry as a Regional Security Manager for CNF/Conway, a national Transportation and Logistics company. Before joining CNF/Conway, he spent twenty-two years with the Dallas, Texas Police Department. Seventeen of those years he was assigned as a Detective or Detective Supervisor in areas including Assaults, Homicide, Intelligence and Public Integrity.

     J.J. has also instructed classes in Interview and Interrogation Techniques and numerous Supply Chain and Cargo Transportation related subjects.

    J. J. currently serves as the Chairman of the Southwest Transportation Security Council, a non-profit organization, www.swtsc.com which he founded to facilitate the sharing of information and networking with law enforcement and private supply chain industry.  He has been a driving force behind the expansion of regional transportation security councils and promoting public/private partnerships for the sharing of important and informative data between industries and public law enforcement entities.   

    JJ also authored the book, Cargo Crime: Security and Theft Prevention which was published by Taylor and Francis in October of 2012. 

  • Brian B. Coughlin

    Before becoming part of CSS-T, Brian Coughlin had 31 years of experience working in local, county and federal law enforcement. He began his career as a patrolman with the Dallas Police Department in 1982 and subsequently became an Investigator at the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. He also worked with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration as a Task Force Officer.

    With the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, Brian investigated both Felony and Misdemeanor criminal offenses and prepared evidence, witnesses and victims for trial. Brian then helped develop the Civil Asset Forfeiture Section of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. He was the lead Investigator in the unit that focused on seizing contraband assets from criminal offenders and criminal organizations. Through these efforts he became knowledgeable of the rules of civil procedure and service of process as they pertain to investigations.

    With the Dallas Field Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration, working as a Task Force Officer, Brian investigated federal criminal cases and also filed both judicial and administrative civil actions. He worked in the Asset Removal Section focusing on money laundering and financial based investigations and in the Enforcement Section, where he focused on criminal violations, including continuing criminal enterprise and historical conspiracy cases.

    Brian has conducted training for many law enforcement agencies and organizations including the North Texas Regional Police Academy, the Eastfield College Police Academy, the Texas Narcotics Officers Association, and many local law enforcement agencies. He also authored the investigative section of the Asset Forfeiture Guide published by the Texas District and County Attorney’s Association.