• F.A.Q.

    • What / how do private investigators charge?

      Fees are based on the type of investigation required. In most cases CSS-T will charge an agreed upon hourly rate. In some cases, depending on the circumstances and the relationship with the client, a retainer fee may be requested. CSS-T thinks it is important to have an agreement with in place prior to to the start of an investigation.

    • What can private investigators do that I can’t?

      CSS-T Investigators have access to several information sources that are not available to the general public. They have the training and experience needed to transform the data into actionable information along with the investigative and institutional experience to offer judgments based on that data. The CSS-T licensed Investigators have experience collating information and providing credible testimony in court. 

    • I have already been to the police can I still use a private investigator?

      Yes, regardless of whether the police are investigating a matter you can retain the services of a private investigator. In many cases, a private investigator can work in conjunction with the police while conducting their own detailed interviews and evidence collection. Private investigators have the advantage of working on one case at a time and can apply the focus and dedication needed to effectively solve cases.

      CSS-T investigators, with years of law enforcement experience, can be very helpful in playing a role to supplement the police investigation and to provide insight on police and prosecutorial procedure. Most people lack a clear understanding as to how the justice system works or the many restrictions faced by law enforcement officers.  

    • Can private investigators get phone records and emails?

      In most cases no, these type of records routinely require a subpoena administered through law enforcement channels. However, there are circumstances where the client can access these records.  Many times a client is unaware of the ability to access information.

    • Are there different types of private investigators?

      Private Investigators may specialize in a certain investigative field.  CSS-T Investigators have a broad scope of experience allowing CSS-T to investigate a wide variety of cases.  CSS-T is licensed and regulated by the State of Texas as required. It is important that prior to hiring a Private Investigator that the client determine that the investigator has the expertise to conduct the desired investigation and is licensed to do so. 

    • What can private investigators NOT do?

      When hiring a private investigator, make sure to discuss the needs of your case and understand that Private Investigators have certain legal restrictions.

    • Can a private investigator enter private property without an owner’s consent?

      A CSS-T investigator is subject to the same laws as any citizen, therefore if a property has a “No Trespassing” posting or they have been given notice that they are not allowed, they would have to follow that direction.

    • Do Private Investigators have access to government records?

      CSS-T Investigators have the same access to governmental records as any other citizen, but they have the experience and training to locate and navigate through the accessible records. CSS-T Investigators do have access to other informational databases that are not available to the general public.

    • How fast can a private investigator get started on my case?

      CSS-T will be able to give you a timeline with the start date and estimated duration of the inquiry. Investigations are never predictable and once started can lead to many new avenues of inquiry. CSS-T will keep the client informed and involved so that decisions can be made as to what is the best course to proceed. 

    • What happens if the investigator does not find what I hired them to find?

      Not every investigation culminates the way a client desires because there are so many unknowns and uncontrollable aspects.  However, information gathered by CSS-T will hopefully help a client gain a truthful insight and understanding into their matter of interest.