• Private Investigation

  • Corporate Security Solutions – Texas (CSS-T) offers a full service Investigation and Consulting Company that can assist any entity with their investigation and security needs. The CSS-T group combines many years of specialized Law Enforcement experience as well as experience in corporate risk mitigation and strategies in business operations.  CSS-T has the expertise to assist Civil and Criminal Lawyers as well as Corporate and Commercial operations.   

    Shippers and Cargo

    CSS-T has extensive experience in the realm of Cargo and Shipment crime. CSS-T has established a network of investigators around the country who can respond to issues, conduct investigations and make the best possible efforts to recover property, identify suspects and assist in significant ways to mitigate losses.

    Lawyers & Law Firms

    CSS-T has extensive experience in conducting investigations, gathering information, locating people, interviewing witnesses, taking statements, and conducting trial preparation from years of law enforcement criminal and civil experience in state and federal court.  CSS-T Investigators are skilled in debriefing and handling cooperating defendants.  CSS-T can manage cooperation between defendants and law enforcement officers.  

    Unsolved Crime & Cold Cases

    CSS-T has extensive experience investigating criminal cases and would be able to investigate or assist parties in understanding investigative techniques used in law enforcement and private investigations as well as assist with review of unsolved crimes or cold case investigation.

    Private Security

    CSS-T, from years of corporate and private security experience, has widespread knowledge of security services, physical security solutions and security providers.  CSS-T can assess problems, provide solutions and recommend proper and best fitting economical solution to any on-going security issue.

    Criminal Background Checks

    CSS-T can conduct criminal background investigations and can facilitate employment background investigations for small businesses or large corporations.